"Come Together - Live Togehther"

A modern housing model - tailored to needs and aimed towards a good quality of life for all ages


Our housing model ‘Come Together – Live Together‘ stands for a contemporary and future-oriented form of living.

People in all stages of life should have the possibility to live in a familiar environment. We address the threats of isolation and loneliness on the grounds of old age or disability, with our preventive approach (e.g. support and social contact), thus maintaining an independent and self-sufficient lifestyle. Our comprehensive, well coordinated assistance and range of services support the desire for independence and give residents and their families the required feeling of security.


Our demographic structure is undergoing a major change. Due to the higher life expectancies, as well as the progress in comprehensive medicine, the number of elderly and disabled people in our society is rising significantly.

These people strive for a proper and pleasant atmosphere and environment in which to live.

In this sense, more and more people are opting for our current and future-oriented form of housing, which consists of living within their own four walls, with the possibility of varied assistance in everyday life, accorded by our comprehensive in-house care and assistance concept.


Live self-sufficiently within your own four walls - with outstanding assistance and facilities


Our forward-looking housing model 

Lifelong safety and self-reliance in your own home. This is the wish of most people.

The purpose of our housing model is precisely to make that possible, even when assistance and nursing are necessary to cope with daily life.


In general there is a lack of disabled access in residential facilities. In our housing model this aspect is fully taken into consideration. Collaboration with local partners also strengthens self-sufficient living in all phases of life.


Our housing model benefits everybody, with or without disabilities, young or elderly. This leads to better human interaction among the different members of our society.


Therefore the aim of our housing is to design living conditions in such a way that it offers people orientation and that people who require assistance have the possibility to live in their own homes.


A living and helping neighbourhood - cohesive society

Civic and voluntary engagement are central elements not only for our project, but also for a cohesive society which faces the challenges coming from demographic changes.

Community solidarity balances the ever decreasing family structures. It also cushions the decreasing financial performance of our current social security systems.

Social contacts and networks are increasingly important to prevent loneliness in old age or because of disability. Our model therefore supports contact between tenants, neighbours, relatives and local residents through opportunities to meet and participate, and therefore promotes social interaction. Anyone who wishes can take part in the many available activities, such as amusement afternoons in the main lounge, excursions or casual meetings.



Living and aging with dignity in your own private home

Modern disabled and wheelchair accessibility according to DIN 18040-2. All necessary walkways are accessible and can be reached at ground level. 


The living spaces we offer are built in central residential and shopping areas, according to the energy-efficiency standard "KfW 55". They are characterised by compact and functional floor layouts, reasonable rents and are free from any obligation to pay a flat-rate for caring services.


1- room apartment ca. 36 m².

2-room apartment ca. 55 m².

3- room apartment ca. 98 m².

All 2-room apartments and 3-room apartments have 2 bedrooms.


Available quality care if required – feeling of security

This is an essential need, especially for disabled or elderly people.


The human touch makes a decisive contribution to the subjective experience of security. In this sense in our housing model we promote contact with neighbours, relatives, local social help and with the staff of the outpatient care service; the last being integrated into the residential complex.


In this sense outpatient treatment, assisted living, daycare, outpatient wound care, intensive care, residential care group for dementia, medical practice, physiotherapy clinic and basic facilities such as shop, hairdresser and coffee shop are an integral part of our housing model.



Social activities and interaction  

Our activities promote personal self-sufficiency and human interaction, complemented by the already existing municipal and institutional capacities for this purpose.


Coffee mornings, senior groups, active senior citizens, events, half and full day trips, cultural tours, women's circle, music and church choir - all these resources are available to be used in the municipality.

Together with existing partners (local authorities, outpatient services, senior-citizen homes, nursing homes and facilities from parishes, associations, etc.), individual and compatible support is developed, and coordinated assistance is implemented. 


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